Safety for vulnerable groups (24.11.2015)


Chair: Dr.Kanit Tantisirivit

Organization: Head of Nan Civil Society Coordination Center ,Chairman of Nan Health Assembly



“Wu Wei Wu” Adolescent Safety Promotion Project in Shoufeng Safe Community.

Speaker: Ms.Tzu-Wei, Huang

Organization: Student,2nd Grade, National Hualien Girls’ Senior High School




The Research of Injuries and Depression among Taiwanese Indigenes.

Speaker: Prof.Chao-Kuang, Lin

Organization: Education Center for Humanities and Social Sciences National Yang-Ming University ,Taiwan




Organizing safety for disability at personal and community levels

Speaker: Mr. Santi Rungnasuan

Organization: Chair of Independent Living Nakhon Prathom Center

24.11.2015 @ Grand Ballroom Dhevaraj Hotel