Short report : Driving Interventions for Thai Safe Communities

In Thailand, since 2007 the National Safety Council has realized the significance of safe community. To implement safe community program, the council has assigned the subcommittee of Community Empowerment and Participation by designating Permanent Secretary of ministry of interior as the president of subcommittee, in collaboration with partners both in public and private sectors, scholars and community representatives. The process of developing and implementing injury prevention is characterized by community-area-based participatory. Community participation and sharing learning contributes to community empowerment and to successful formulation of safe community policy.

1. There were safe community platforms involving 76 communities that used to join in safety workshop training, short training courses, seminar. Consistent implementation of safe community program found in 10 provinces. 16 communities in these 10 provinces revealed community leaders and its members focus and engage in safety management covering 5 risk areas. They are ready to be safe community learning center for replication to other communities.

2. There were 3 communities already being designated as International Safe Community member, namely Wang Sai Phun in Pichit, Talad Kriab in Ayudhaya, and Mueang Nan in Nan. Thailand also hosted the 4th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Community, 2007 and 22nd International Safe community Conference 2015.

3. The subcommittee of Community Empowerment and Participation has formulated safety activities to gear and support safety community works guided by the WHOCC Community Safety Promotion, as well as to promote the membership designation, and to increase prototyped safe community. However, the safe community works must cover 5 risk areas as followings:

1) Injury risk such as road injury, drowning, fall injury, electrical injury, fire and heat, animal, gun and explosive material, etc.
2) Hazardous product and consumer right’s protection such as hazard from toy, consumer product, playground, computer games, medicine, and food.
3) Hazard from polluted environment such as domestic waste, industrial waste, chemical exposure in agriculture.
4) Disaster risk such as flood, strom, earthquake.
5) Domestic violence such as crime, drug, physical attack, self harm.

The performance indicators are:
 Indicator No. 1: Safe Community works covering 5 risk areas implemented by local government or community members with a funding support by local government.
 Indicator No. 2: Safe community works that create safety working groups in community covering 5 risk injuries and network with safety partners both public and private sectors.
 Indicator No. 3: The range and reach of community safety works operating throughout the community covering 5 risk injuries and including the use of public communication, law enforcement, formulation of local regulations to manage risk behavior and environment; and the evaluation measurement by local government or community members.
 Indicator No. 4: Identification high risk groups and vulnerable groups; and all safe community work promote safety for mentioned group in particular.
 Indicator No. 5: Safe community works that document causes of 5 risk injuries, and able to be assessed effects of change according to time.
 Indicator No. 6: Safety works that can be communicated and networked to other communities such as be a learning center, be prototyped to the public, joining in international and national safe community forums.

All these mentioned indicators have been fulfilled by 2 new safe communities; KlangWiang Municipality and WiangSa Municipality at Nan Province, to be designated as Internation Safe Community Member.

Now Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center, Ramathibodi Hospital, as a supporting center has sent International certified centre 2 applications from Sub-district Administrative organization (SAO) of Wang Sai Phun to be re-designation and KlangWiang Municipality to be designation.

Chadaporn Suksiriwan
Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center,
Ramathibodi Hospital,
Oct 27,2017